iQ-Notes 6.0

It gives the user the ability to track notes on your computer
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iQ Sticky notes is a free application which allows you to write little sticky notes and place them on your workstation. It’s a virtual post-it program. You’ll find that it is very easy to use and can be installed in a jiffy. What’s more, it is absolutely free. You can choose to customize the color, font, transparency and other aspects. Now you can ensure that no deadline will catch you off guard again. The options are great, the networking and email functions are perfect for sending notes back and forth to people or PCs in your friends list, instant connectivity over a LAN. The newly added Expense and Time Tracking functions make iQ Notes the perfect application. Moreover, iQ notes support French, Dutch, English and Italian languages. If you happen to be working across multiple workstations you can synchronize with an FTP server - so that the notes on one computer are the same as the notes on another computer or a laptop, either for backup purposes or to synchronize your notes with a remote location.

The notes can be associated with alarm reminders and also can be password-protected to keep the content private. Other features include custom priority levels and color coding, encrypted note storage, multi-user support, printing of notes, and more. Another thing that caught my eye was the ability to tile your notes. This feature also allows you to maximize to full screen so you don’t have to repeatedly use the scroll bar. I wish all Freeware was this great.

maitri shah
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  • Free Download
  • Sync notes with FTP server when using multiple computers
  • New Expense and Time Tacking functionality
  • Tile all open notes or Maximize any to full screen
  • No Adware, Spyware or annoying pop-ups


  • Not compatible with Apple MAC
  • Limited editing functions
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